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Andy grew up in Hertfordshire and has had a varied career.


At 16 he joined the army in the Corps of Royal Engineers .         Later he studied electronics and worked as an assistant scientist for a government laboratory. Andy has worked on high powered lasers and spent time as a design engineer.


An interesting part of his career involved working in air traffic engineering at London Luton Airport servicing and maintaining radar and airport navigational equipment.


More recently, prior to moving to Scotland, Andy worked in the electronics research and design department of Xerox.


Andy also has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Open University. He graduated in 2004 at Ely Cathedral.


Since moving to Lochaber Andy completed his chimney sweep training with the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) in Maidstone and started Mamore Chimney Sweeping. Since then business has grown and continues to do so.

In recognition of his knowledge and experience of chimney sweeping, the ICS made Andy one of their senior sweep advisors (the first and only in Scotland to date).


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Saint Florian, patron saint of

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