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CCTV surveys and inspections are an essential tool in establishing and/or proving the integrity of a flue/chimney. They can be used to identify faults, defects, damage or blockages in a chimney which could prove unsafe to use.


If you've been unfortunate enough to suffer a serious chimney fire then it is recommended that the flue is swept and a cctv inspection is carried out to ensure the chimney is still safe to use.

Also if you have opened up a previously blocked off fireplace a sweep and cctv inspection should be carried out to check the condition of the chimney prior to it being used.

CCTV Surveys


Full CCTV Survey, condition report and video on CD  £50

Chimney/flue must be swept prior to the inspection so normal sweeping charges apply in addition to the above

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A corroded and collapsed flue liner that the customer knew nothing about!

We were called to sweep the chimney because it wasn't drawing properly. A cctv inspection revealed the real problem.